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A New Year Greeting by Rex King

The letter below was a Naw Ruz letter from Rex King, dated March 21, 1975.

As we are starting a new calendar year, it seemed an appropriate subject for this Reporter. While January is not the Baha’i new year, it is nonetheless a time of renewal for billions of people world-wide, and a time to acknowledge what has been accomplished, as well as look forward to what will be accomplished. This was Rex’s vision.

Dear and Beloved Friends;

It is the time of the New Year, and I feel impelled to send each of you a special message of love.

Having been ill gives one time to think and to set values as well as to be able to meditate and pray a little oftener, and I would share with you the results of those prayers and meditations.
The next Reporter will carry a page of pictures of the finished interior of the new National Center in the hope that these will cheer your hearts, as being able to see it directly cheers mine. The work has continued slowly over the past weeks - that is to say the tasks needing to be done did not make any outward changes, but suddenly the new chandeliers were in place and working. Then with great leaps of energy the new floor type was in place and some of the new decorative touches were carefully added and the lovely drapes were hung. Now it is Naw Ruz, and the first stage of the Three Year Plan is a success. How my heart sings We have a center which is truly befitting of the Cause of God and I am certain that its beauty will attract more and more
people to it and to the Cause. How blessed we are, how truly blessed.

I would add a thought concerning the actual building of the structure: I am certain that future generations will wonder at our audacity - so few to undertake so much. This has been especially true considering that almost all of the believers had other priorities in the sense that they had exacting jobs or heavy school schedules, or lived at great distances from the Center itself making it almost impossible to make the journey here. Still others found that the best assistance they could offer was either financial or through prayer It now becomes important that I say to you all that no matter how little or how much work any individual has done is of no concern to anyone save God. Each moment of work, each fragrant prayer directed to God on behalf of the Center, each sincere wish to help that was frustrated through no fault of the believer is viewed in the eyes of God as a task accomplished. Each believer has done what he thought best, and it is God who decides these matters and God alone. He who would find in any heart the least trace of lack in these matters would at once negate his own service!

There is still much to be done for the Center and the gardens and other activities, and in time all will have their chances to do the thing they do best. Not everyone lays cinder block well!

Now the first phase is finished and the joy of its beauty is for us all. I thank you from my heart for making this phase of the dream come true. I know in every fiber of my being that Baha’u’llah is pleased with our effort and through these efforts the Cause of God has bee elevated in the eyes of men and it is good.

I send you my loving New Year’s greetings and I shall continue each day to offer my prayers at the Sacred Threshhold [sic] on your behalf.

Your loving brother and co-worker
in the Cause of Baha’u’llah
Reginald King, REGENT

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